Coaching & Personal development

Coaching & Personal development

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Coaching & Personal Development

“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” – Confucius

People deserve to pursue a fulfilled and authentic life. But instead it is more common for many people to experience the following:

They are times in their lives when they have a dream of where they would like to be but don’t know how to get there. This dream doesn’t only mean to achieve, for example, a certain business goal but can also relate to living a happy and harmonious life.

People don’t find it always easy to fulfil their dreams. They often follow conditioned patterns of behaviour without being aware of them, and it is often their belief system that hinders them from making the necessary changes in their lives to achieve their goals. Most of the time it is for fear of change.

Why is that? Personal experience, continuing studies and exchange with specialists have made me realize that people are the sum of their genes, their cumulative experiences, this is especially true for their upbringing, and the circumstances in which they live their lives.

I find it crucial in my coaching to have an understanding of all these factors. It helps me support my clients to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they dream to be. I strongly believe that everybody is the expert on their own life. Everybody has the best access to themselves. It’s just sometimes that this access is blocked. I support my clients to get access to their true inner self and to become more aware of themselves.

I find it very important to offer my clients a safe, yet challenging, environment in which they can explore their feelings and find out about themselves: about their dreams, their vision, their goals, their values, and their fulfilment. I help them discover the greatness inside them.

Possible coaching issues:

So, if you recognize yourself in the issues outlined above, then coaching, either private or corporate coaching, could help you:

    • Develop a personal profile, an identity with authenticity
    • Face return-to-work / retraining anxieties
    • Handle interpersonal communication in business / relationship
    • Dissolve chaos and stress and find an inner and outer structure
    • Gain self-awareness, self-acceptance and deeper self-understanding
    • Deal with situations of fear and stress
    • Strengthen your ability of resilience – for private and business life
    • Burnout
    • Mental training
    • Gain work-life balance
    • Find out about your core strengths
    • Explore stumbling blocks to progress
    • Deal with being highly sensitive
    • Make yourself independent from others: Distinction between
    • constructive
    • criticism and interference
    • Handle eating disorder

Or your personal issue.

My approach is always geared toward your special and unique needs.

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