Resilience for Companies

Resilience for companies
Resilience for companies

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Resilience training courses in companies: How does it benefit you?

Working conditions are getting more and more challenging: Executives and employees have to balance a growing workload at greater speed. The way that things have always been done just does not yield the same results anymore.

In other words: We live in a VUCA-world*:


*The acronym VUCA was introduced in the late 1990s by the US Army War College. (see: “Resilience – pocket guide” by Ella Gabriele Amann)

The changing world pushes executives and employees to their performance limits. We can’t stop this trajectory, but we can work on our inner attitude: how we cope with the changing requirements.

Humans are, by nature, adaptable and have great capacity for learning. Everyone is able to do this, although how a person learns can depend very much on their personality. In my work, I strive to find solutions which consider my clients’ personality and their strengths.

If you want to learn more about resilience, please have a look here: Resilience; I have used a practical example.

How Does Resilience Training benefit Companies?

  • The Resilience Circle Training® provides the participants with the tools that enable them to cope better with challenges both in their business and their private life.
  • Self-awareness amongst employees: Those who understand their behaviour and emotions are able to react appropriately in challenging situations
  • Better Cooperation: People who know themselves are at ease with themselves and cooperative. They also have a better understanding for other people’s reactions. The Resilience Circle Training® is about an honest and respectful interaction with others, a prerequisite for a positive team atmosphere.
  • Employee satisfaction leads to a higher productivity and reduces absence from work caused by illness. An honest and respectful interaction leads to a positive team atmosphere.

It is in your hands …

… to play an active role and initiate positive changes. I am happy to support you. My training courses are specifically tailored to my clients’ needs. If required, I work with colleagues who cover different areas of expertise.

Apart from resilience training courses online or in companies as well as at my premises in Wehrheim, about 22 km north of Frankfurt, I also offer resilience coaching for individuals and support over the phone.

Find out more about my training course: Emotional Resilience: How to Manage Stress and Connect with Yourself & Others” on YouTube.

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