You can chose the type of coaching that will best fit your needs. Coaching can be provided in my office (about 22 km north of Frankfurt), in companies or over the telephone; I also offer corporate resilience training courses. I coach in English as well as in German. I offer my services in Germany, the UK and Ireland.

Coaching is normally for 60 minutes once a week, with the date and time for the next meeting arranged at the end of the session. Alternatively, sessions can be arranged for a fixed day each week; in general I recommend a fixed structure for our coaching as it will help you move forward more effectively. Coming to the end of the coaching process, the intervals between the coaching sessions can be extended.

Private clients pay for the first session prior to our meeting and we work out payment arrangements for subsequent sessions after our first coaching session. The fees are on a sliding scale based on what you can afford. Feel free to contact me to discuss the price and payment options.

Please be aware that I charge the full fee for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

For an informal initial consultation to find out more about my coaching and if we are right for each other, please call or email. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

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