April: The power of love II

Goodbye (part II) by Bettina Bonkas

Story in two parts. 2nd part:

When granny was in hospital again, she called me in England. Something she’d never done before. She informed me that the doctors had found out the reason for her back ache. She had cancer in one of her ribs. Bone cancer. From that day on she was different. She was loving, I could already tell on the phone, and I really got to love her. I decided to interrupt my time in England and go back to Germany and do some jobbing. Often I went to see granny and our relationship became closer and closer. Then, that week came, in which everything went super quickly. On Monday her doctor told her that all treatment options had been exhausted. A couple of days later, on Thursday, she together with her sons had an appointment with her doctor in which he told them that they’d better quickly look for a place in a hospice as she only had a couple of weeks to live.

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March: The power of love I

Goodbye (part I) by Bettina Bonkas

Story in two parts. 1st part:

Lara would always remember that moment when the phone rang. It was 6.10 on a Saturday morning. It was 10th March. She had been wide awake before which was rather unusual for her but no way would she get up that early on a Saturday, staying in bed was all she wanted to do. When the phone call came in, she knew straight away what had happened.

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