Winter time – time to relax & let go of thoughts with a short story

The light 

Rote Kerze, Licht, Kerzenflamme, Wärme, Winter

Steph was sitting in front of her computer, she was rather stressed. Quickly the last entries before she would rush to get her train. She was really late again but she had to finish typing that last sentence. Perfect! Now, saving her file and then she would jog to the train station. Not exactly what she fancied doing now but what did her best friend Maja kept saying: “You have to do sport, darling!” 10 minutes jogging to the train station was sport, that had to do.

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It’s something we should talk about

It had a real “wow-effect”

on me when I heard Prince Harry opening up in public about his mum’s death. I was in England with my family, having breakfast at a B&B. The TV was on and at first I thought: “I don’t like the TV on while I’m having breakfast.” But then I thought: “I quite like it, it’s BBC breakfast TV.” And then I heard Prince Harry talking about his mum’s death. I only got snippets as the others were talking and not paying attention. I just thought: “How most powerful! Stop talking everybody I want to listen.” (Of course I didn’t say anything, I am better behaved than that!)

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