March: The power of love I

Goodbye (part I) by Bettina Bonkas

Story in two parts. 1st part:

Lara would always remember that moment when the phone rang. It was 6.10 on a Saturday morning. It was 10th March. She had been wide awake before which was rather unusual for her but no way would she get up that early on a Saturday, staying in bed was all she wanted to do. When the phone call came in, she knew straight away what had happened.

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February: Get inspired and do the things you love

Mann springt in den Dünen
Photo Christian M. Pflug

Peter Walker’s talents by Bettina Bonkas

We’re going to file an appeal. This moron of a judge has flatly refused our case but she’s picked the wrong person to tangle with. We’ll show them that we’re right. Damn it, such people should be dumped, they’re a disgrace for their profession. From you,” I expect a top preparation. Any questions, you come to me. I want to be informed about every single detail. So, that’s it from my part. Anything from you?”

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January: A good time to make changes in our lives – get inspired by a short story

Bahnhof Dampflok Zug Bahnsteig
Photo Christian M. Pflug

Just do it by Bettina Bonkas

Ouch!”, Jan-Oliver cried out. “That hurt!”

Are you a girl or a man?” Mariucca asked him.

That’s got nothing to do with it. You’re sometimes simply too rough“, he retorted.

You already said so last time and it did you good. You will see, you will get up and feel like new”, Mariucca remarked unaffected by his response. “And besides, it is not my fault that you’re so tense. You should not work so much. You work, you’re tense, you work, you’re tense and in between I give you massage and try to help, what can be helped.”

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Winter time – time to relax & let go of thoughts with a short story

The light 

Rote Kerze, Licht, Kerzenflamme, Wärme, Winter

Steph was sitting in front of her computer, she was rather stressed. Quickly the last entries before she would rush to get her train. She was really late again but she had to finish typing that last sentence. Perfect! Now, saving her file and then she would jog to the train station. Not exactly what she fancied doing now but what did her best friend Maja kept saying: “You have to do sport, darling!” 10 minutes jogging to the train station was sport, that had to do.

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It’s something we should talk about

It had a real “wow-effect”

on me when I heard Prince Harry opening up in public about his mum’s death. I was in England with my family, having breakfast at a B&B. The TV was on and at first I thought: “I don’t like the TV on while I’m having breakfast.” But then I thought: “I quite like it, it’s BBC breakfast TV.” And then I heard Prince Harry talking about his mum’s death. I only got snippets as the others were talking and not paying attention. I just thought: “How most powerful! Stop talking everybody I want to listen.” (Of course I didn’t say anything, I am better behaved than that!)

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