Inspirational thoughts on leadership

I love reading and I read a lot. Do you know this feeling when you’re reading something and it strikes a chord?

In the current issue of the Business Spotlight (4-19) I’ve read something in the article “Right or wrong?” from their series “Leadership” which I’d like to share with you.

It’s from an interview with Lukas Stricker, a senior consultant at Argo & Partner in Zurich. He was asked what piece of advice he would give to someone entering global corporate life.

Here is what he said:
Stay reflective, which is a tricky thing these days, because of this mania to be busy. And secondly, don’t surround yourself with people who are like you, or people who like you. Have people around you who make your life difficult, who don’t agree with you, who challenge your definition of right and wrong.” (Lukas Stricker)

That is really powerful and certainly not always easy. When people challenge you, ask yourself why they challenge you. It tells you a lot about yourself. And it helps you find out what you stand for and defend what you stand for.

I’ve been doing it myself for a longer time and it’s helped me a lot to become more relaxed – the better your know yourself, the more relaxed you are. Being reflective helps you connect to yourself.

Yes, life is busy these days but there’s always a chance to make time for yourself, unwind and reflect. – Because you’re worth it!